Interim Management

Senior executives with transferrable experience to move your people and your business.

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Interim Management

As healthcare organizations dramatically increasing in scale, complexity and impact, our firm’s mission is to help clients achieve operational and financial efficiencies without sacrificing quality. We work directly with hospital and health system C-Suite, Boards of Directors and other stakeholders to immediately respond to critical management vacancies.

These management needs may be a result of:

  • Executive team formation or transition

  • Executive leadership integration

  • Healthcare compliance mandates

  • Succession planning

  • Board/CEO executive support

Looking To Fill A Planned or Unexpected Gap?

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When faced with an unanticipated or transitional leadership gap, Jackson Executives:

  • Immediately delivers leadership stability.
    Maintains momentum with key initiatives.
  • Provides “breathing room” until the permanent placement is identified.
  • Assists the permanent executive with transitioning into the